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Jim grew up in Danvers, Massachusetts a small town 20 miles north of Boston. His Dad ran a taxi cab business with a fleet of Checker cabs. Jim learned auto repair and more importantly learned how valuable scheduled preventive maintenance is to vehicle dependability and longevity. Many of his cabs reached 350,000 miles without any major engine trouble.

Jim was drafted into the Army in 1968, and served as a field radio mechanic in the 462 Field Artillery Unit stationed in Ft. Carson Colorado.

He returned from the Army and attended college at Iowa State University. Jim received his BS in Biochemistry. While attending ISU, Jim worked as a scientist at the National Animal Disease Center in Ames working with other scientists studying diseases which affect herd animals.

After graduation, Jim worked at NC College of Veterinary Medicine, managing the Laboratory of Gastrointestinal Physiology. His lab collaborated with labs at UNC as a member of the Center in Gastrointestinal Biology and Disease to study digestive diseases related to AIDS patients. Jim won the 1st NC State College of Veterinary Medicine Employee of the Year award for working with University Safety personnel to create a Safety Program and safe working conditions at the College.

Jim moved to Glaxo in 1992. He was team member of two projects which brought potential drug candidates to phase 1 clinical trials. He was awarded four Research Excellence Awards during his tenure for inventiveness, risk taking and team work.

Jim opened Jim’s Auto Service and has pursued excellence in automotive repair and customer service. He is an ASE Certified Master Auto Technician and takes pride in keeping current with the latest automotive technological advances to include hybrid and plug in electric cars.

Jim hopes to continue to move forward in the green vehicles. He was a team member on a retrofit project installing an electric motor into a Datsun pickup plug in electric vehicle and is planning to install an electric motor in his 1983 Ford Ranger pickup.

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